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Student Support Services

Student Support Services

The College of Distance Education provides student support services in order to help the students complete their programmes of study in good time. The following are the services currently available:


Students can access professional counselling at the three zonal centres- Accra Papafio Hills, Kumasi Tafo Nhyriaso and Tamale Vittin. Students may also benefit from academic counselling at all study centres though their Centre Coordinators.


Students who are not clear with their course requirements, subject selection or electives and other related problems can consult their Study Centre Coordinators and Course Tutor for advice.

Career Services

Students may consult all professional counsellors at the Zonal Offices, RRTs and Study Centre Coordinators for the prospects of the programmes on offer by the CoDE.

Enrolment Services

Candidates seeking admission to programmes of CoDE may access enrolment services at the Study Centres where information on the modes of entry are advertised or displayed. The modes of entry are direct and mature entrance examination.


At the beginning of every semester, students are given the opportunity to register for the courses they will read for semester. Staff from CoDE are allocated to all study centres to guide students in this exercise.

Tutorial Services (Face to Face)

Tutorial services in the form of face-to-face interaction with Course Tutors are conducted every weekend at all study centres. This is meant to support students cultivate the right study habits in order to facilitate their understanding of materials in the modules.


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