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Student Leadership

Student Leadership

Like all universities, the University of Cape Coast has student leadership who play a significant role in the management of the institution. For CoDE, the representation of students is the Distance Education Students Association of Ghana-DESAG.

The DESAG-UCC is composed of elected representatives of the Distance Education Students’ body of the University in a national congress. They are generally responsible for:

  • Coordinating the social, cultural, recreational and intellectual activities of UCC distance learners.
  • Presenting the views of distance education student body through the appropriate channels to the Office of the Provost.
  • Expressing the views of the distance education student body (DESAG) of the University of Cape Coast on policy relating to distance education.
  • Expressing the opinion on all matters relating to DESAG, National Union of Ghana Students or SRC.
  • Operating at three levels- Study Centre, Regional and National for the good of the distance leaners.
  • Promoting cordial relationship between all sections of the University and maintaining good relation with past students of the University of Cape Coast through the Alumni Association.
  • Organising Annual Delegates’ Conference where topical issues concerning distance education delivery are discussed.
  • Publishing a record of students’ activities as and when they occur.


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