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Financial Matters

Financial Matters

One of the responsibilities of students in the College is to commit to the payment of all authorized fees of the College. The continuous enjoyment of the rights and privileges conferred on students by the university depends largely on the payments they make. The following should be noted carefully:

Kinds of fees students may be expected to pay

  • Students’ fees
  • Transcripts/Detailed results fees/Introductory Letter/English Proficiency
  • Re-sit fees
  • Congregation/Graduation fees


Payment modalities

Fees for every academic year is always communicated to each student (individual student bill). The bill highlight the following:

  • Fees payable (amount)
  • Specific bank that fees should be paid into
  • Payment platforms to be used- e.g. Xpath for Zenith bank, Smartpay for GCB bank, Transflow for Prudential and ADB Banks.

NOTE: Different platforms apply to different bank.

  • Payment terms
  • Payment deadlines(tied to registration)

After payment, ensure the following

  • Obtain computer- generated receipt (pay-in-slip) as evidence of successful payment.
  • Pay-in-slip should be stamped and sign by the bank official.
  • Submit pay-in-slip to only the account staff or designated officers of the College at specified times.
  • Hand over pay-in-slips at the following designated time only, During registration and collection of modules, During exams (quiz 1, quiz 2, end of semester etc.) 
  • Students should always sign against their names for slip submitted


Students’ particulars when making any payment(s)

The following particulars should appear on the pay-in-slip:

  • Your ID number
  • Name
  • Programme
  • Study Centre

*All corresponding/transactions with the University after matriculation MUST be done, using the student ID number and NOT admission numbers.


Other Issues


If a student defers a programme, upon resumption, he/she is required to pay the current academic year’s fees in full.


A student who is rusticated forfeit all fees paid for that academic year.  Upon resumption, he/she will be required to pay the current academic year’s fees in full.

Payment by Cheque/Direct Transfer

Payment to the College should be made to the bank using CASH. The University does not accept PERSONAL CHEQUE or DIRECT TRANSFERS into its account.

*EXCEPTIONS: Institutional Cheques are, however accepted (e.g. for Scholarship etc.). This must be presented to the account office of the College, the Coordinators.


Students who may overpay their fees have two options: either the difference is credited to their account for the next academic year or request refund is addressed to the Provost of the College. In the second instance attach relevant documents for the refund to be processed.

Personal responsibility in handling financial transactions with the College

Caution: Students are cautioned against reliance on friends and other unauthorized sources for information on fees, etc. Always depend on the college for such information, which delivered by staff of the College or through the Centre Coordinators. Also, as much as possible, avoid sending third parties to make payments on your behalf. There have been multiple cases of students falling victim of fraudulent activities perpetuated by colleague students.

Unauthorized payments

Students are to refrain from paying for anything that have not been approved and communicated formally to them by the College.

Keeping a personal file on all payments

Each student is entrusted to make a personal file where all financial transactions to the College can be properly kept, from the time of admission right to the time of graduation.

Illegal financial transactions

Engaging in any transaction with the intention of defrauding the College or the students of the College constitutes an illegality. In such an instance, the offender(s) will be sanctioned.


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