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Regional Resident Tutor (RRT)

Regional Resident Tutor (RRT)

The Regional Resident Tutor is the academic and administrative representative of the Provost in the region. He/she, therefore exercises such powers as may be appropriate to facilitate teaching and learning of distance education students of the CoDE in their respective regions.

Responsibilities of the Regional Tutor

The RRT has the following duties to perform in the Regional Centre:

  • Act as the representative of the Provost.
  • Recommends qualified persons for consideration and appointment as Course Tutor.
  • Coordinates, directs and supervises all teaching and learning activities in the region.
  • Ensures strict supervision of Course Tutors in the performance of their duties.
  • Arranges for the smooth exercises of Face-To-Face sessions.
  • Ensures effective writing of Quizzes, Teacher-Made-Tests, Assignments, and End-of-Semester Examinations at all Study Centres under his/her jurisdiction without undue obstructions.
  • Liaises with the Study Centre Coordinator for the effective planning and exercise of all teaching practice sessions, student essays and project work.
  • Relates all students’ problems and grievances to the appropriate unit for immediate redress.
  • Gives periodic report of all activities- challenges, successes, and students’ grievances to the Provost, Head of Academic Affairs and the Registrar for attention.
  • Monitors students’ performance in the centres within the region and submit periodic report to the Provost.
  • Ensures accurate documentation of all issues pertaining to the smooth running of the regional study centre
  • Supervises the activities of Coordinators of all study centres in the region.


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