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Procedures for Deferment, Transit, Transfer and Resumption

Procedures for Deferment, Transit, Transfer and Resumption

There is a laid down policy that students need to follow in each case of deferment, transit, transfer and resumption. In all cases, the student needs to officially apply to the Provost.


Deferment– postponing the course for a maximum of two years. To defer a programme, a student must first indicate so in writing to the Student Affairs Coordinator, stating the reasons for deferment and period for deferment. A student must receive a written reply before proceeding on deferment. A student can defer for a minimum of one year (2 semesters) and a maximum period of 2 years (4 semesters). Students who have deferred must take all courses he/she missed before proceeding to the next level.


A student who wishes to transfer from one Centre to another must notify the Students Support Services Unit in writing, stating reasons for wishing to transfer. Students can only apply for transfer before writing the first quiz. This is to ensure that students’ courses are not misplaced. A written document must be received from the Student Affairs Unit before he/she proceeds on transfer.


Students can change a Study Centre for a brief period for a genuine reason. Students are to note that it should be in their own interest to limit the number of transits.

Too many transits can affect the tracking of students’ scores, which makes the work of the Students’ Records and Assessment Unit cumbersome.

Students on transit must note the following:   Notify the Students’ Affairs Unit early enough and state reasons why they want to transit. Permission must be granted before they proceed on transit. Students who fail to seek permission do so at their own risk. Students on transit must have in their possession ID cards and permission notes. Students on transit must always contact the officer in charge at the Examination Centre ahead of time.


Resumption- continuing the course after deferment. Students who wish to resume must notify the Students’ Affairs Unit two clear months before the beginning of the semester they want to resume. A written reply must be received from the unit before the student resumes. Students must pay all outstanding fees before resumption.


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