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Counselling Unit

Counselling is one of the support services provided to distance learners of the College of Distance Education (CoDE) of the University of Cape Coast (UCC). The Counselling Unit works in collaboration with study centre coordinators, course tutors and DESAG leaderships to promote the welfare and wellbeing of students and staff. The services the Unit provides include the provision of psychological counselling in the areas of academic, vocational and social/personal issues. The Unit also provides referral services for clients with psychiatric symptoms as well as those with substance-dependence challenges to appropriate institutions for therapeutic assistance.


The activities the Unit engages in include sensitizing students on good study habits, such as how to: manage their time, study effectively, read their modules, study for examinations and how to calculate their Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA). Others include, how to maintain a healthy lifestyle, for example, the benefits of physical exercises, seeking health checks and avoiding harmful lifestyles such as alcoholism and other substance abuse.

In addition, the Unit provides counselling to students’ whose CGPA are less than 1.0 and did not seek early intervention. Furthermore, during face-to-face sessions, the staff of the Unit periodically visits some study centres and provide sensitization briefings on healthy academic practices such as avoiding procrastination, all forms of examination malpractices, knowledge on how to calculate CGPAs and prudent use of academic resources.

The Unit has a very vibrant partnership with the main University Counselling Centre. The office the Counseling Unit is located in Room 34 on the second floor of CoDE building complex.


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