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Quality Assurance Unit

Quality Assurance

The Quality Assurance and Enhancement department was originally formed in August 1, 2014 and code named Quality Assurance and Enhancement Unit at the then Centre for Continuing Education (CCE), now College of Distance Education. Its establishment was in line with the Thrust 4 of the mounting new ones. The main objective for the formation of this unit was to monitor face-to-face tutorials, appraisal of course facilitators, appraisal of centre coordinators, evaluate and receive feedback from students and course tutors.

Over the years, the Unit has made frantic efforts at improving the teaching and learning of its students at the various study centres across the country. Some of these efforts have been the recruitment of qualified personnel, resourcing at the various study centres and also improve quality tuition.


To promote quality assurance and enhancement policies and practices in order to position the College of Distance Education to become a reference point for the delivery of quality distance education in West African and beyond.


To effectively provide and rigorously enforce quality assurance and enhancement practices that will enable the college of distance Education to pursue excellence in the delivery of innovative, demand-driven, learner-oriented and cost-effective distance education programmes, aimed at empowering individuals in overcoming geographical, economic, social and cultural barriers to study.

Core Values

In pursuit of its vision and mission, Quality Assurance and Enhancement Unit has the following core values:

  • Quality: constant monitoring, evaluation and continuous improvement in appraisal of course facilitators in distance learning, programmes and its activities.
  • Creativity and innovation: encouraging staff and students to originate, seek, adapt and share ideas and best practices of distance education delivery. 
  • Collaboration/Teamwork: staff work together in monitoring and evaluating of course tutors. 
  • Learner-centeredness: creating an enabling environment that engages students as full participants in the learning process to promote lifelong learning education.
  • Access and Affordability: creating opportunity for learners to access course tutors/facilitators about their performance received and feedback to improve upon teaching and making learning easier for distance learners.


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