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E-Learning Unit

The emergence of technology has changed the higher education landscape both in distance education and the regular or conventional mode of education. It is in this recognition that the E-Learning Unit at the College of Distance Education, UCC, was created to provide eLearning support to faculty and students in the distance programmes. The Unit facilitates the use of digital technologies in distance mode delivery through the provision of technical advice and training. We, therefore, committed to improving the quality of students’ learning experiences at CoDE through systematic and organized use of modern learning technologies.

Functions of the Unit include to:

  • Assist in the creation of procedures for E-course development and delivery, digitization of modules, backup and archiving of all E-learning materials at CoDE.
  • Support in the development and delivery of training programmes and materials designed to promote and facilitate the use of E-Learning technologies for staff and students.
  • Provide regular update of information on CoDE’s Website.
  • Ensure the functionality of the College and staff Blogs.
  • Ensure that all activities of CoDE and its subsystems are regularly uploaded on its website.


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