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Guidelines/Regulations For Students Teaching

Practice and Supervision

  • Teaching practice is compulsory for all education programmes.
  • It takes two forms: On-Centre teaching Practice and Off-Centre Teaching Practice.
  • DBE/DPF students are supposed to do the on-centre teaching practice during their first semester in the second year of the programme. 
  • DBE/DPF students will do their Off-Centre Teaching Practice in the final year of their programme.
  • PDE/BPF students are supposed to do their on-Centre Teaching Practice during the second semester of the first year. They will do the Off-Centre Teaching Practice in the final year.
  • Students are not supposed to pay any money to any mentor(s) or supervisor(s) before, during or after doing either the on-Centre or Off-Centre Teaching Practice.
  • Students due for teaching practice are required to fill the Students’ Particulars Form.
  • Students who fail to fill the REQUISITE forms would not be supervised, as supervisors would not have any information on them.
  • Students cannot graduate without taking part in both the On-Centre and Off-Centre teaching practice exercises.
  • Students should not travel across regions or districts to see supervisors for the Off-Centre teaching practice supervision.
  • Students may travel across regions or districts at the request of the supervisor(s) ONLY during teaching practice mop up exercise by the CoDE officials.
  • Students must collect their assessment Form B from their supervisors as evidence of participation in the Off-Centre teaching practice.
  • DBE students are required to teach English and Mathematics at the primary school level.
  • PDE/BPF Students are required to teach their electives (two subjects) subjects at the Junior High School (JHS) level.
  • DPF students are required to teach two subjects in their elective areas at the primary school level.
  • Students are to note that during teaching practice, they will be assessed in all the major areas of teaching.

Hospitality & Tourism: Attachment

Students pursuing hospitality and tourism programmes will have an attachment as part of their professional training. They will be attached to facilities in their areas of specialization for a six-week supervised industrial experience.


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