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Study Centre Coordinators

The Study Centre Coordinators assist the Regional Coordinators in the management of the study centres in the region.

The responsibilities of the Study Centre Coordinator include: 

  • Ensures the effective supervision and administration of the centre.
  • Assist students in the effective organization of face-to-face sessions.
  • Assist students in keeping timelines in the submission of assignments and Teacher-made Tests.
  • Ensure that the students keep to the rules and regulations that govern the conduct of quizzes and examinations at the Study Centre.
  • Ensure that the students keep appropriate sanitation and cleanliness in the Study Centre.
  • Ensure appropriate arrangement for classroom space for teaching and learning at the study centre.
  • Keep adequate student records of all correspondence to and from the college.
  • Collate all issues that relate to teaching and learning at the study centre for the attention of the RRT and Provost.
  • Be responsible to the RRT in the exercise of his/her duties in the Centre.


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